Ted Cruz Falls Apart When Asked For Evidence Of Biden Crimes

2 weeks ago 25

Fox News’s Maria Bartiromo continued her quest for grounds of Biden crimes, but erstwhile asked Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) made it wide that Republicans person nothing.

Bartiromo asked Cruz connected Fox News’s Sunday Morning Futures, ” Ask you astir the grounds that you person seen. Do you person grounds that the DOJ is covering up crimes for Joe Biden?

Cruz answered:
Well, unfortunately, it is abundantly wide that the Biden Justice Department is, is covering for the White House, is doing everything they tin to impede the probe into Hunter Biden, but much importantly into Joe Biden. We person 2 IRS whistleblowers who person travel forward. They’ve accused the lawyer wide of the United States Merrick Garland of lying nether oath to Congress. That’s a felony. They’ve accused the lawyer wide successful the Department of Justice of obstruction of justice. One of the clearest examples is we person the substance connection that Hunter Biden sent to a Chinese Communist authoritative demanding millions of dollars and saying I’m sitting adjacent to my father.

The investigators people wanted to get GPS information to corroborate that Hunter was adjacent to Joe Biden and that the retaliation that Hunter was threatening could happen. The Department of Justice said, no, you can’t find retired wherever Hunter was erstwhile helium said that you can’t find retired wherever Joe was erstwhile helium said that. Look, David Weiss, the peculiar authoritative has been prosecuting this for 5 years astatine this point, Mr Weiss is the slowest authoritative connected the look of the satellite and that’s not an accident. He deliberately allowed the statute of limitations to expire on, on, on, connected respective of the worst transgression offenses. Hunter Biden committed successful particular, those dealing with millions of dollars from Barista. And I deliberation the crushed helium allowed them to expire is those dollars are straight tied to daddy, to president Joe Biden.

None of what Cruz said was existent grounds of anything, truthful Bartiromo tried again, “Do you person grounds that Joe Biden made argumentation decisions based connected events that helium was really paid for?”

Cruz said, “Well, perceive connected the China piece, Joe Biden won’t reply questions connected that. So we don’t person immoderate information.”

Sen. Cruz continued by retreating to the debunked Russia propaganda of Rudy Giuliani’s Burisma conspiracy theory.

Maria Bartiromo is perfectly hopeless for an elected Republican to explicate the grounds against Joe Biden to her, and each Sunday, Republicans similar Ted Cruz travel connected her amusement bash a small opus and creation astir grounds that doesn’t incorporate immoderate evidence, and past the rhythm repeats again.

Republicans person nary grounds that President Biden did thing wrong, truthful they support trying to fluff up Rudy Giuliani’s debunked Russian propaganda from astir 4 years agone successful the anticipation that nary 1 volition announcement that determination is nary impervious to enactment the Republican allegations.

Another week brings different large zero successful presumption of grounds justifying Biden impeachment.