Things You Should Not Store In Kitchen Cabinets

  • 07 Nov 2021 05:36
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There are times when you need to know what you cannot store inside the kitchen cabinet to know the things you can store in them. The following list shows some of the items that you should not store inside a kitchen cabinet. These things are bulky, heavy, and not used that much.

A Serving Tray

A serving tray should be placed in storage unless you hold a party or event for over twenty people every night. Plastic storage bins are perfect for this purpose. You can take them out just before the party.

These are large items that cannot easily fit inside a cabinet. Due to this, you should store them somewhere else to save space inside the cabinet. I store these trays on top of my refrigerator.

Tip: You can use them as decoration.


Elegant place mats, tablecloth, and linen napkins can be stored inside a linen closet. You do not have to store them in the cabinet due to limited space. This allows you to avoid mixing fabric items with food and appliances.

Tip: If you need to store them inside the cabinet, place them on top to ensure nothing spills or drips on them.

Rarely Used Appliances

Waffle irons, ice cream makers, and popcorn makers are great if you use them. But, if you have not used them in the last five years, you may want to sell them or donate them.

You can store them in another place if you do not want to sell or donate them. The basement or the attic is a good place to store these appliances. You may also place them inside a bin before storing it inside a closet.

Frequently-Used Appliances

Appliances that you use frequently should be placed on the counter top. This makes it within reach when you need to use them, like a water distiller, a blender, etc. If it is inside the cabinet, you would have to take them out, unwind the power cord, and place them on the counter top so you can use them.


Decorations can be placed inside a labeled bin before being stored in the basement or attic. This is a practical thing to do unless you use them every day.

An Open Food Container

Food should be stored in the pantry or refrigerator. Small amounts may be stored inside a cabinet. In this situation, you can maximize the space by putting food in plastic or glass storage containers. Square containers are ideal for this purpose.

It is not easy to go through different bags of opened food when you want to get something from the kitchen cabinet.

The food items you can store inside the kitchen cabinet are coffee, flour, and sugar. These are easy-to-store items. Cereal or chips can be stored in the pantry to avoid making a mess.

Outdoor Serving Items

You can store these items in the place where you store decorations. Even if the kitchen is large, it is not advisable to store items you rarely use inside the kitchen cabinet. This lets you avoid taking space from regularly-used items.

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