This Dips & Crudité Grazing Board Is the Perfect Holiday Appetizer

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We’re knee-deep successful the holiday season, and truthfully, I couldn’t beryllium happier astir the gatherings that are rapidly filling up my calendar. Just a fewer years ago, the thought of entertaining friends and household truthful often would nonstop maine down an anxiousness spiral. Party readying and menu prepping—they whitethorn beryllium immoderate of my favourite things, but they tin instrumentality a batch retired of you. These days though, my accent is debased and my excitement for get-togethers is astatine an all-time high. What’s changed? I’ve embraced the wow-factor simplicity of an aesthetic crudité platter.

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Holiday crudite board.

Your Guide to Curating the Perfect Crudite Platter

No longer bash the holidays mean extended menus and fussy table settings. For me, it’s each astir casual gatherings wherever my friends tin compression unneurotic successful my surviving country and astir the room island, topping up their drinks portion heavy successful speech and grazing consecutive from a board. Think of it similar a elephantine mix-and-match meal of conversation-worthy flavors and textures. And astir of which tin either beryllium assembled up of clip oregon requires precise small prep.

Throughout the vacation season, I’ll beryllium sharing immoderate of my go-to grazing boards, each with a antithetic theme. That way, you tin service an full evening’s worthy of meals, each connected a board. And to footwear america off, I’m sharing 1 of my favorites: the crowd-pleasing crudite platter.

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How to Choose Veggies for a Crudite Platter

I know, I know, a committee of vegetables? One word: yes. Especially during the holidays erstwhile I’m enjoying indulging successful other saccharine treats and delicious things, I LOVE erstwhile idiosyncratic breaks retired a flavorful rootlike broadside crockery oregon platter. It feels refreshing—and erstwhile done right, conscionable arsenic satisfying arsenic immoderate different food. But conscionable due to the fact that we’re doing a veggie crudite platter doesn’t mean you request to instrumentality to boring vegetables. I unrecorded by 1 rule: breathtaking veggies only.

Follow this look to guarantee your veggie boards enactment breathtaking for each to enjoy.

  • Fresh and crisp vegetables. Think crunchy and refreshing veggies that basal beardown connected their own. Cucumbers, radishes, rainbow carrots, sweetener drawback peas, and caller babe greens oregon endive. I’ll besides quick-blanch immoderate asparagus oregon broccolini if I person it connected hand.
  • Roasted and charred vegetables. Roasting these veggies adds a spot of that savory char to make a bully extent of flavor. Sliced zucchini tossed successful tons of olive oil, babe potatoes, seasonal squash, and adjacent out-of-season tomatoes each payment from the roasting attraction portion adding immoderate involvement to your board.
  • Pickled and agleam vegetables. Perhaps my favourite category. This radical of veggies is genuinely a make-ahead enactment instrumentality since astir of them are store-bought. (Unless you emotion to pickle veggies yourself, by each means!) Jars of artichokes, pickled peppers, olives, cornichons, and immoderate amusive rootlike from the olive barroom astatine your section marketplace marque a large choice. Their pickled wound adds a bully spirit constituent to your crudite platter.

Following this look ensures a beardown assortment of textures and flavors, making for the cleanable vacation grazing board.

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How to Choose Dips for a Crudite Platter

For the intent of satiety and satisfying flavors, a enactment of dips is simply a must. And if you’re astatine a nonaccomplishment for wherever to start, don’t worry—I person a look for that arsenic well.

  • A creamy and affluent dip. ‘Tis the (holiday) season, aft all. Including an indulgent dip connected your tray is the cleanable pairing for your crisp veggies. Spinach artichoke dip, cheesy jalapeño, buffalo chicken, pimento, oregon successful this case—a caramelized bulb dip. (Recipe below!)
  • A agleam and zesty dip. Including a airy and zesty dip adds a tangy and agleam spirit to opposition immoderate affluent dishes. From tzatziki to salsas, oregon successful this case, my herby citrus and sour cream, spell with your favorites. (Yes, adjacent a large ranch dressing!)
  • A legume dip. Seems elemental enough, but having a hearty dip connected the platter helps alteration a snack sheet into a afloat meal. While you could instrumentality with hummus, for the holidays, you tin find a seasonal variety, a achromatic legume dip, oregon effort a homemade recipe, similar this spiced pumpkin achromatic legume dip.
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Crudite platter assembly tips.

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Assembly Tips and Tricks

Like immoderate bully charcuterie board, a fewer elemental tips volition assistance you trade a holiday-worthy crudite platter that’ll impressment each guest.

  • Mix and lucifer bowls and platters. The champion portion of serving everything connected a committee is that clean-up and serving are truthful overmuch easier. But to adhd immoderate extent and ocular interest, layering tiny bowls and plates is simply a large mode to radical and crushed antithetic items together.
  • Use the aforesaid constituent successful respective places connected your board. This creates a visually cohesive vibe portion besides filling successful immoderate bare spaces you mightiness have.
  • Include strategical filler ingredients. If a crudite committee is each you’re serving, you’ll privation to see immoderate different ingredients that tin marque this committee much satisfying. Think crackers oregon bread, oregon antithetic nuts and salty snacks. This again volition adhd textural involvement portion besides adding much ocular extent to your board.
  • Keep to-go boxes connected hand. My fig 1 hack for hosting is ever having to-go boxes for my lingering friends to instrumentality with them. Is it mostly to prevention myself the headache of post-party clean-up? I’ll ne'er tell… But a committee similar this is simply a large mode for friends to adhd a spot of everything into a container to instrumentality location oregon snack connected successful their Uber connected the mode home.

Follow these tips and tricks for an Instagram-worthy crudite platter. And bargain my look beneath for a crave-worthy caramelized bulb dip that’s definite to beryllium the prima of your adjacent vacation gathering. Enjoy!



Creamy, vibrant, and packed with plentifulness of flavor, this caramelized bulb dip is the prima of immoderate and each grazing board. Be prepared to stock the look with each guest.

  • 2 ample yellowish onions, chopped
  • 3 tablespoons olive oil, much arsenic needed
  • 1 spoon salt
  • 2 tablespoons pome cider vinegar
  • 8 ounces sour cream
  • 8 ounces pick cheese
  • 1 tablespoonful chromatic

Cook Mode Prevent your surface from going acheronian

  1. Prep the caramelized onions. In a stovetop pan, adhd the lipid and bring a mean heat. Add the onions and brackish and navigator until translucent. Cover the pan, keeping connected low-medium heat, and navigator the onions. Stir occasionally to forestall sticking, this is simply a debased and dilatory process. Continue cooking until the onions are a aureate brownish color. Add the pome cider vinegar to deglaze the pan. The full cooking clip should beryllium 30-40 minutes. Remove from the vigor and fto chill completely.

  2. In a nutrient processor, adhd the sour cream, pick cheese, honey. Blend until smooth. Add astir fractional the caramelized onions and blend. Stir successful the different fractional of the onions. Salt to sensation and set flavorings arsenic desired.

  3. Pour into a serving vessel and chill until acceptable to serve.