Trump Hides His Medical Records By Releasing A Note From His Doctor

1 week ago 26

Donald Trump continues to play aesculapian grounds three-card monte, arsenic the erstwhile president released a abbreviated enactment from his doc alternatively of his aesculapian records.

Here is Trump’s latest effort astatine hiding his wellness records:

Donald Trump got distant with not releasing his aesculapian records during the 2016 predetermination and refused aesculapian accusation portion helium was president. Trump and his medication lied astir however sick helium was with COVID, and determination stay suspicious trips to Walter Reed that person ne'er been adequately explained.

In contrast, President Biden released a 5-page wellness summary of his astir caller carnal successful 2023. Trump’s enactment from his doc was not adjacent 5 paragraphs long.

President Biden released decades of his aesculapian past and records successful 2019. The records included specifics astir what Biden has been treated for and when.

Trump’s vague enactment from his doc notably contained galore generalities but nary specifics.

The question that the American radical request to inquire is, what is Donald Trump trying to fell from the voters? If Trump is arsenic steadfast arsenic helium claims, helium should beryllium racing to merchandise arsenic overmuch elaborate accusation arsenic possible.

The information that Trump has told the American radical thing circumstantial astir his wellness portion Joe Biden has been an unfastened publication should archer voters each they request to cognize astir which campaigner they tin spot successful the White House.