Updated NFL Power Rankings: 1-32 poll, plus evaluating preseason hot seats

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  • NFL Nation, ESPNNov 21, 2023, 07:00 AM ET

Welcome to Week 12 of the 2023 NFL season. The Denver Broncos are connected a four-game triumph streak aft a Sunday nighttime comeback triumph against the Minnesota Vikings. They are 1 of the teams rising successful the ranks this week, portion the Los Angeles Chargers are among teams whose ranks took a deed aft different loss. And the "Monday Night Football" matchup betwixt the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles determined who got the No. 1 spot this week.

In summation to the updated rankings, our NFL Nation reporters person taken a look backmost astatine who they nominated for the blistery spot successful our preseason rankings. How bash they complaint that blistery spot now? Boiling, hot, acold oregon freezing. The picks ranged from players to coaches, and immoderate person made important improvements portion others' seats are hotter than ever.

Let's commencement with the squad who won past night's showdown, the Eagles.

Our powerfulness sheet of much than 80 writers, editors and TV personalities evaluates however NFL teams stack up against 1 another, ranking them from 1 to 32.

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1. Philadelphia Eagles (9-1)

Week 11 ranking: 1

Preseason blistery seat: Special teams manager Michael Clay
Current somesthesia of blistery seat: Cold

The peculiar teams had a fig of missteps during the 2022 season, including a costly 1 successful Super Bowl LVII against the Chiefs. But Clay's portion has been overmuch much buttoned up this twelvemonth contempt immoderate unit turnover and having young players successful cardinal positions. Second-year punt returner Britain Covey has been a standout -- his 14 yards per instrumentality entering Week 11 ranked 3rd successful the NFL. -- Tim McManus

2. San Francisco 49ers (7-3)

Week 11 ranking: 3

Preseason blistery seat: DT Javon Kinlaw
Current somesthesia of blistery seat: Hot

Finally steadfast and capable to signifier consistently, Kinlaw has been coagulated but unspectacular successful a backup relation this year. The Niners occasionally plug him successful arsenic their 5th down lineman erstwhile they play dense fronts and rotate him successful down Javon Hargrave and Arik Armstead. He has 10 tackles, 4 pressures and a brace of deflected passes portion often taking connected aggregate blockers to escaped up others connected moving plays. Kinlaw has been astatine his champion defending the run, posting a 34.4% tally halt triumph complaint that is treble what helium had past year. He's acceptable to beryllium an unrestricted escaped cause aft the play due to the fact that the Niners declined his fifth-year option, and though it's imaginable helium could beryllium brought back, the Niners are improbable to marque a sizable concern to support him. -- Nick Wagoner

3. Kansas City Chiefs (7-3)

Week 11 ranking: 2

Preseason blistery seat: RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire
Current somesthesia of blistery seat: Hot

Edwards-Helaire's fourth, and astir apt last, play with the Chiefs has been his slightest productive. The 2020 first-round draught prime doesn't play much, and helium has rushed for lone 129 yards, which puts him connected a gait for a vocation low. Worse, Edwards-Helaire is averaging 3.6 yards per carry, by acold the worst of his career. He volition apt decorativeness the play successful Kansas City, but don't expect the Chiefs to re-sign him erstwhile it's over. -- Adam Teicher

4. Detroit Lions (8-2)

Week 11 ranking: 4

Preseason blistery seat: QB Jared Goff
Current somesthesia of blistery seat: Cold

The Lions are disconnected to their champion commencement since 1962, and sitting comfortably atop the NFC North standings successful presumption to triumph their archetypal part rubric since 1993. Goff has been a large origin this season, arsenic helium has continued to revitalize his vocation nether manager Dan Campbell and violative coordinator Ben Johnson. Goff has 2,743 passing yards done 10 games this play arsenic good arsenic 16 touchdowns to conscionable 8 interceptions. The adjacent happening helium has to beryllium is whether helium tin pb the squad successful the playoffs. -- Eric Woodyard

5. Baltimore Ravens (8-3)

Week 11 ranking: 5

Preseason blistery seat: WR Rashod Bateman
Current somesthesia of blistery seat: Hot

Bateman continues to flash astatine times, but helium inactive hasn't made a convincing statement truthful acold for Baltimore to prime up his fifth-year option. He ranks 3rd among Ravens wide receivers with 20 catches and 4th with 215 receiving yards. Bateman is inactive having problems getting into the extremity portion -- helium has 4 touchdown catches successful 3 seasons, and determination are 7 wide receivers successful Bateman's 2021 draught people who person more. It hasn't helped that backmost Lamar Jackson has overthrown him a mates of times this play erstwhile helium got down the secondary. However, Bateman's opportunities could summation due to the fact that of choky extremity Mark Andrews' apt season-ending ankle injury. -- Jamison Hensley

6. Dallas Cowboys (7-3)

Week 11 ranking: 7

Preseason blistery seat: Coach Mike McCarthy
Current somesthesia of blistery seat: Cold

McCarthy has the Cowboys poised to marque the playoffs for a 3rd consecutive year, thing that has not happened since the mid-1990s. But his spot connected the blistery spot had thing to bash with the regular season, abbreviated of a disastrous grounds nary 1 would person seen coming. His spot becomes the centerpiece successful the offseason. The Cowboys person gone to the wild-card and divisional rounds each of the past 2 seasons, but does helium request to marque astatine slightest a league rubric game? Only Jerry Jones knows the reply to that one. After Thanksgiving, 5 of the Cowboys' last six opponents person winning records. McCarthy's spot could alteration somesthesia by January. -- Todd Archer



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7. Miami Dolphins (7-3)

Week 11 ranking: 6

Preseason blistery seat: OT Austin Jackson
Current somesthesia of blistery seat: Cold

Entering the season, who would've thought Jackson would beryllium the Dolphins' astir reliable lineman? After playing successful conscionable 2 games past season, helium has played each 621 violative snaps for the Dolphins successful 2023, allowing lone 2 sacks. Miami's coaching unit has been bullish connected Jackson, contempt his injuries successful 2022 and inconsistency successful 2021, moving him to close tackle past season. He has excelled since switching positions, and astatine this rate, helium is simply a harmless stake to instrumentality to Miami aft this last twelvemonth of his rookie contract. -- Marcel Louis-Jacques

8. Cleveland Browns (7-3)

Week 11 ranking: 8

Preseason blistery seat: Coach Kevin Stefanski
Current somesthesia of blistery seat: Freezing

Stefanski is simply a batch person to being the NFL Coach of the Year again than helium is to being fired. Despite season-ending injuries to All-Pro moving backmost Nick Chubb (left knee) and $230 cardinal backmost Deshaun Watson (right shoulder), the Browns are successful the heavy of the AFC playoff picture. They besides person 4 wins that were decided successful the last 2 minutes of regulation, which, according to ESPN Stats & Information, is simply a franchise record. The Browns person been stellar connected defence and connected peculiar teams, and with Stefanski calling plays, they've been bully capable offensively. Stefanski could beryllium connected the verge of a declaration extension. -- Jake Trotter

9. Jacksonville Jaguars (7-3)

Week 11 ranking: 9

Preseason blistery seat: OLB Josh Allen
Current somesthesia of blistery seat: Freezing

This season, Allen has 9.5 sacks and is conscionable 1 shy of his vocation precocious -- which helium acceptable successful 2019 erstwhile helium was a complementary rusher alongside Calais Campbell and Yannick Ngakoue. Allen is 3rd successful the league with 54 QB pressures, and his QB unit percent (19%) ranks 2nd lone to the Cowboys' Micah Parsons. It's hard to spot the Jaguars not signing him to an hold oregon utilizing the franchise tag connected him. -- Michael DiRocco

10. Buffalo Bills (6-5)

Week 11 ranking: 14

Preseason blistery seat: OT Spencer Brown
Current somesthesia of blistery seat: Cold

The somesthesia has turned down 11 games into Brown's 3rd season, successful part, due to the fact that of inconsistency connected discourtesy overall. In lone 3 games less than helium played past year, Brown has been attributed 2 sacks compared to 7 successful 2022. His 89.9% walk artifact triumph complaint is conscionable nether past year's (91.4%) and the lowest among the team's starting linemen, but helium has a career-high 78.9% tally artifact triumph rate, which leads the team. The violative enactment is among the areas the Bills volition measure successful the offseason, and Brown needs to inclination successful a affirmative absorption going into the last twelvemonth of his rookie deal. -- Alaina Getzenberg



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11. Seattle Seahawks (6-4)

Week 11 ranking: 11

Preseason blistery seat: S Jamal Adams
Current somesthesia of blistery seat: Hot

In fairness to Adams, this was ever going to beryllium a challenging play fixed the severity of his torn quad tendon from past season's opener. It sidelined him for the archetypal 3 games of this play and continues to springiness him issues, forcing him to miss respective practices arsenic good arsenic this past crippled against the Rams. And he suffered a concussion successful his archetypal crippled backmost connected the opening drive. Adams has 4 tackles for nonaccomplishment successful 5 afloat games and helped make a game-changing turnover with a precocious walk deflection against the Browns. He has yet to grounds a sack, due to the fact that he's getting less opportunities and hasn't taken vantage of the ones helium has had. -- Brady Henderson

12. Houston Texans (6-4)

Week 11 ranking: 13

Preseason blistery seat: TE Brevin Jordan
Current somesthesia of blistery seat: Hot

Jordan has been targeted successful conscionable 3 games this play and flashed his endowment with a touchdown successful Week 3 against the Jaguars. But his accumulation has been fewer and acold betwixt -- chiefly due to the fact that helium can't enactment healthy, but besides due to the fact that he's averaging 10 violative snaps per crippled this season. He returned Sunday from a ft wounded that outgo him the erstwhile 3 games but didn't registry a target. Injuries person been an ongoing contented passim his three-year career. In a imaginable 44 vocation games, helium has played successful lone 27. Sometimes, helium has been inactive, and different times person been owed to injury, but helium mightiness beryllium moving retired of clip to amusement helium deserves to beryllium connected the Texans' roster. -- DJ Bien-Aime

13. Minnesota Vikings (6-5)

Week 11 ranking: 15

Preseason blistery seat: QB Kirk Cousins
Current somesthesia of blistery seat: Mild

Cousins was making a beardown play to instrumentality arsenic the Vikings' starter adjacent play erstwhile helium suffered a season-ending rupture of his close Achilles successful Week 8. At the time, helium was starring the NFL successful touchdown passes, had the league's second-most passing yards and ranked No. 10 successful QBR. What happens adjacent is anyone's guess. There are astir surely radical successful the enactment who would similar to spot him backmost adjacent season, contempt the show of Joshua Dobbs successful his absence. But wide manager Kwesi Adofo-Mensah volition person to measurement the worth of a subordinate who volition beryllium 36 adjacent play and coming disconnected the archetypal superior wounded of his NFL career. -- Kevin Seifert

14. Cincinnati Bengals (5-5)

Week 11 ranking: 10

Preseason blistery seat: OT Jackson Carman
Current somesthesia of blistery seat: Scalding

The 2021 second-round prime isn't seeing the tract -- helium isn't adjacent progressive connected crippled days. Carman has been inactive successful 7 of 10 games this season. In the different 3 instances, helium has seen the tract conscionable once. Veteran violative lineman Cody Ford has proven to beryllium the team's No. 6 violative lineman and has been progressive successful six games. If the Bengals chopped Carman this offseason, the squad gains $1.7 cardinal successful headdress savings and incurs little than $700,000 successful dormant money. -- Ben Baby

15. Pittsburgh Steelers (6-4)

Week 11 ranking: 12

Preseason blistery seat: OC Matt Canada
Current somesthesia of blistery seat: Boiling

Is determination a grade supra boiling? Coming disconnected a 10-point show against the Browns, outer disapproval directed astatine the violative coordinator and the discourtesy has ne'er been louder. Canada moved from the booth to the sideline anterior to the Thursday nighttime triumph against the Titans 3 weeks ago, and the discourtesy looked to summation immoderate momentum successful back-to-back wins. But successful each of the past 3 weeks, backmost Kenny Pickett has regressed, and successful the nonaccomplishment to the Browns, Pickett had less than 100 passing yards until the last desperation play of the game. But for each the outer vitriol directed astatine the violative coordinator, the Steelers aren't apt to marque an in-season change. However, Canada's declaration expires aft the season, and his aboriginal successful Pittsburgh appears precise overmuch successful uncertainty beyond 2023. -- Brooke Pryor



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16. New Orleans Saints (5-5)

Week 11 ranking: 17

Preseason blistery seat: DE Payton Turner
Current somesthesia of blistery seat: Boiling

The 2021 first-round prime has played successful lone 14 vocation games (no starts) and successful lone 1 crippled this season. He has been connected injured reserve (toe) since September, and unless helium returns to person a large 2nd half, it's hard to ideate the Saints prime up his fifth-year enactment adjacent year. He's owed $3.4 cardinal successful wage and bonuses adjacent play with lone 3 sacks to amusement for it truthful far, making him a imaginable headdress casualty successful the offseason if things don't crook around. -- Katherine Terrell

17. Denver Broncos (5-5)

Week 11 ranking: 22

Preseason blistery seat: QB Russell Wilson
Current somesthesia of blistery seat: Cold

The Broncos person immoderate issues connected discourtesy -- manager Sean Payton isn't ever arsenic committed to the tally arsenic helium says helium wants to be, and the Broncos fertile 18th connected third-down conversions (38.2%) and 21st successful reddish portion ratio (48.6%). But Wilson has played winning football, including Sunday's winning thrust successful the last 2 minutes for the team's 4th triumph successful a row. He has the second-lowest interception percent successful the league (1.3%), is 3rd successful touchdown passes (19) and leads the league successful fourth-quarter comebacks, and Sunday was his league-leading 4th game-winning thrust this season. It ain't ever pretty, and determination are immoderate unsmooth edges that request smoothing, but Wilson has lifted his crippled for a resurgent team. -- Jeff Legwold

18. Indianapolis Colts (5-5)

Week 11 ranking: 18

Preseason blistery seat: OL manager Tony Sparano Jr.
Current somesthesia of blistery seat: Freezing

The Colts' violative enactment has enjoyed a resurgence this play nether the first-year presumption coach. While determination are different variables successful sacks beyond walk blocking, the Colts allowed the second-most sacks successful 2022 (60). This season, Indianapolis is connected gait to output conscionable 37. Sparano has been lauded by veterans Ryan Kelly and Quenton Nelson for his unsocial attack and the content helium has instilled successful the unit. Sparano besides gets recognition for helping accelerate the improvement of young starters Bernhard Raimann astatine near tackle and Will Fries astatine close guard. -- Stephen Holder

19. Los Angeles Rams (4-6)

Week 11 ranking: 25

Preseason blistery seat: RB Cam Akers

The Rams traded Akers to the Vikings successful September aft helium was a steadfast scratch successful Week 2, and second-year moving backmost Kyren Williams earned the starting spot for Los Angeles. There aren't galore blistery spot candidates successful Los Angeles close now, including astatine quarterback. Although Matthew Stafford's completion percent is 31st successful the NFL this season, it would beryllium a immense astonishment to spot the Rams determination connected from him. Stafford's $31 cardinal wage is guaranteed adjacent season, and astir importantly, it was evident successful Sunday's triumph implicit the Seahawks -- helium went 8-for-13 with 108 passing yards successful the 4th fourth -- however overmuch assurance manager Sean McVay has successful his quality successful late-game situations. -- Sarah Barshop

20. Las Vegas Raiders (5-6)

Week 11 ranking: 21

Preseason blistery seat: DC Patrick Graham
Current somesthesia of blistery seat: Cold

With a caveat, because, with an interim manager successful place, possibly the full unit is connected a blistery spot of sorts. Still, Graham's defence has been the spot of the Raiders since earlier Josh McDaniels was fired and Antonio Pierce was elevated supra Graham for interim coach. Or did you miss the 3 takeaways successful Sunday's nonaccomplishment astatine Miami, which kept Las Vegas successful the game? If thing else, Graham has shown that helium deserves much than a cursory look to enactment connected for a caller staff, should that travel to pass. -- Paul Gutierrez

21. Los Angeles Chargers (4-6)

Week 11 ranking: 16

Preseason blistery seat: GM Tom Telesco, manager Brandon Staley
Current somesthesia of blistery seat: Boiling

Boiling mightiness beryllium an understatement here. After a historic playoff meltdown past season, Staley and Telesco's seats were already connected fire. But that has lone intensified aft a miserable commencement to the season. The Chargers are past successful the AFC West (4-6), allowing 291.6 passing yards per game, 20 much than immoderate different team, and traded away cornerback J.C. Jackson, whom they paid $38.5 cardinal for 7 games. Then aft Sunday's nonaccomplishment to the Packers, Staley was as frustrated arsenic helium has ever been and berated reporters for questions astir considering changes to the defense. -- Kris Rhim



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22. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-6)

Week 11 ranking: 19

Preseason blistery seat: OT Luke Goedeke
Current somesthesia of blistery seat: Mild

Goedeke has fared amended arsenic a close tackle than arsenic a near guard, surrendering 4 full sacks connected the play frankincense acold with a 10.4% backmost unit rate, according to NFL Next Gen Stats. Run blocking has been a situation for the full portion and can't beryllium pinned solely connected him. -- Jenna Laine

23. Washington Commanders (4-7)

Week 11 ranking: 20

Preseason blistery seat: Coach Ron Rivera
Current somesthesia of blistery seat: Boiling

The Commanders person mislaid to 2 struggling teams astatine location -- the Giants and Bears. It goes without saying Rivera and his unit are successful information of losing their jobs; astatine this point, the lone question becomes when. Does new proprietor Josh Harris hold until aft the season, oregon does helium marque a alteration aft different atrocious loss? Harris wanted to measure this unit for a afloat play erstwhile it wasn't nether the guidance of erstwhile proprietor Dan Snyder. But it's doubtful helium saw the play unfolding successful this manner, and truthful the inevitable determination could hap sooner than anyone ever desired. -- John Keim

24. Green Bay Packers (4-6)

Week 11 ranking: 27

Preseason blistery seat: GM Brian Gutekunst
Current somesthesia of blistery seat: Cold

The spot would've been hotter a fewer weeks ago, but suddenly, it looks similar the young roster that Gutekunst assembled astir backmost Jordan Love is starting to progress. Love, Gutekunst's handpicked successor to Aaron Rodgers, besides has shown immoderate stronger signs that helium could beryllium the semipermanent backmost successful Green Bay. The Packers person plentifulness of draught superior (five picks successful the archetypal 3 rounds) and a steadfast wage headdress for escaped bureau this coming offseason that they'll request to usage to bolster the roster, and it seems precise apt that Gutekunst volition inactive beryllium the 1 to usage it. -- Rob Demovsky

25. Atlanta Falcons (4-6)

Week 11 ranking: 24

Preseason blistery seat: QB Desmond Ridder
Current somesthesia of blistery seat: Hot

The crushed this is isn't boiling is due to the fact that Ridder is once again the starter -- reinstalled arsenic Atlanta's backmost connected Monday. He's apt going to get the remainder of the play to amusement whether helium tin beryllium the backmost of the Falcons' future. In 8 starts this play earlier being benched successful favour of Taylor Heinicke, Ridder completed 65.4% of his passes for 1,740 yards, six touchdowns, six interceptions and six fumbles mislaid portion rushing 32 times for 150 yards and 4 touchdowns. It was those turnovers that were portion of Ridder's two-plus-game benching, but Atlanta is hoping those issues volition dissipate aft helium spent clip watching from the sideline. -- Michael Rothstein

26. New York Jets (4-6)

Week 11 ranking: 23

Preseason blistery seat: Coach Robert Saleh, GM Joe Douglas
Current somesthesia of blistery seat: Warm

It's not a "hot" seat, per se, but the somesthesia volition proceed to emergence if Saleh and the Jets don't commencement winning immoderate games. The Aaron Rodgers injury successful Week 1 flipped everything upside down, but that's nary excuse for total ineptitude connected offense. The offseason determination to marque Zach Wilson the QB2 has compromised the full season. Saleh's grounds is 15-29, Douglas 24-42. Those kinds of records usually get radical fired. Maybe they volition get a lifeline due to the fact that of the Rodgers situation. -- Rich Cimini



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27. Tennessee Titans (3-7)

Week 11 ranking: 26

Preseason blistery seat: CB Kristian Fulton
Current somesthesia of blistery seat: Hot

Fulton is playing for a caller declaration that doesn't look apt to travel from the Titans. He had a pugnacious commencement to the play and was forced to divided clip with second-year subordinate Tre Avery. Fulton yet got the bulk of snaps erstwhile again and played good for a three-game stretch. But manager Mike Vrabel pulled him again successful favour of Avery aft helium struggled successful Sunday's loss to the Jaguars, saying it was a non-injury-related coach's decision. It's unclear whether Fulton volition proceed to divided crippled reps with Avery. But it's starting to look much apt that helium won't beryllium backmost adjacent season. -- Turron Davenport

28. Chicago Bears (3-8)

Week 11 ranking: 29

Preseason blistery seat: WR Velus Jones Jr.
Current somesthesia of blistery seat: Boiling

Jones, a second-year wide receiver, has 3 catches for 9 yards and 4 rushes for 22 yards this season, and helium was a steadfast scratch for the Bears' past 2 games aft being benched. Critical penalties (a look disguise connected a punt instrumentality against New Orleans that peculiar teams coordinator Richard Hightower called "inexcusable") and drops (notably a wide-open touchdown against the Chargers) proceed to adhd up against Jones. It'll beryllium an uphill conflict for him to marque the game-day roster implicit Chicago's last six games, fixed the Bears look comfy experimenting with antithetic returners connected kickoff -- the 1 occupation helium was clinging to. It defies each logic that Jones remains connected the Bears' roster. His third-round draught presumption mightiness beryllium his lone remaining worth successful the NFL. -- Courtney Cronin

29. New York Giants (3-8)

Week 11 ranking: 30

Preseason blistery seat: RB Saquon Barkley
Current somesthesia of blistery seat: Hot

This is and volition stay a tricky one. Barkley has played good erstwhile helium has been connected the tract but does person different wounded connected the résumé aft a high ankle sprain outgo him 3 games earlier this season. Just past week, Barkley declared "loyalty means nothing" erstwhile it comes to the concern broadside of football. So, yes, he's a escaped cause again astatine the extremity of the season, and the Giants person different franchise tag disposable if they truthful desire. It leaves Barkley successful a tricky spot during the last six games with that ankle inactive healing and nary playoffs successful sight. -- Jordan Raanan

30. New England Patriots (2-8)

Week 11 ranking: 31

Preseason blistery seat: QB Mac Jones
Current somesthesia of blistery seat: Boiling

A determination is owed successful the offseason connected Jones' fifth-year enactment for 2025, and the anticipation was that this play would look much similar his promising '21 rookie year. With a shaky violative enactment successful beforehand of him and 1 of the NFL's much underwhelming pass-catching corps to propulsion to, Jones has been pulled from 3 games and is 212-of-324 (65.4%) for 2,031 yards, with 10 touchdowns and 10 interceptions. He has been sacked 21 times. -- Mike Reiss

31. Arizona Cardinals (2-9)

Week 11 ranking: 28

Preseason blistery seat: WR Marquise Brown
Current somesthesia of blistery seat: Cold

Brown has established himself arsenic the go-to receiver connected a Cardinals discourtesy that has fundamentally reset itself the past 2 weeks aft Kyler Murray returned. Brown is the squad person with 486 yards and 4 touchdowns connected 45 catches, and those numbers are expected to summation the much helium plays with Murray. Brown is successful the last twelvemonth of his rookie contract, which makes his aboriginal with the Cardinals unclear. But if Arizona is committed to Murray, it volition apt beryllium committed to Brown, who's 1 of his closest friends. -- Josh Weinfuss

32. Carolina Panthers (1-9)

Week 11 ranking: 32

Preseason blistery seat: OLB/DE Yetur Gross-Matos
Current somesthesia of blistery seat: Cold

Gross-Matos really was having a decent play until helium went connected injured reserve with a hamstring injury. He had 2.5 sacks and 14 tackles. Coach Frank Reich has afloat ownership of the blistery spot present with the Panthers an NFL-worst 1-9 and rookie backmost Bryce Young looking similar a bust arsenic the apical prime of the draft. Reich's spot is starting to boil. -- David Newton