Waiver wire pickups: Steals plus blocks equal Herbert Jones

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  • Jim McCormick, Special to ESPN.comNov 20, 2023, 10:00 AM ET


      Jim McCormick is simply a phantasy shot and phantasy hoops expert for ESPN.com.

Working the waiver ligament is pivotal to succeeding successful phantasy basketball. With truthful galore games, injuries and endless shifts successful rotations passim the marathon campaign, we'll request to root stats from escaped bureau to maximize imaginary rosters.

A willingness to entertain contention for the past fewer spots connected your phantasy hoops roster tin beryllium rewarding. When curating this fluid corporate of statistical contributors, it helps to see your end-of-bench players successful nonstop contention with the endowment floating successful escaped agency.

The extremity of this play bid is to place players astatine each presumption wide disposable successful escaped bureau successful ESPN leagues. Some nominations are specialists susceptible of helping successful 1 oregon 2 categories, portion others present much divers and important statistical offerings. In the breakdowns below, I've ordered players astatine each presumption with the precedence of acquisition successful mind, alternatively than roster percent successful ESPN leagues.

Point Guard

Dyson Daniels, New Orleans Pelicans (Rostered successful 11.4% of ESPN leagues): Found astatine 10th connected the Player Rater among constituent guards implicit the past 2 weeks, Daniels has thrived successful a unsocial relation arsenic a jumbo distributor for the Pelicans. He's delivering a amusive blend of rebounding, passing, and antiaircraft rates that look sustainable fixed continued spot from Willie Green.

Jeremy Sochan, San Antonio Spurs (19.0%): Another oversized creator, Sochan isn't arsenic productive arsenic Daniels, but is logging plentifulness of clip arsenic a cardinal playmaker for the Spurs (nearly 33 MPG the past week).

Skylar Mays, Portland Trail Blazers (14.4%): This remains an interim endorsement successful that Mays is playing large minutes and an important instauration relation portion Scoot Henderson and Malcolm Brogdon are sidelined. There is potential, however, for longer-term worth if oregon erstwhile Brogdon is dealt fixed the team's purpose for a younker movement.

Shooting Guard

Tim Hardaway Jr., Dallas Mavericks (30.5%): Only Stephen Curry and teammate Luka Doncic person taken and made much 3-pointers than Hardaway this season. Such unthinkable measurement and ratio fuels phantasy amusive from this seasoned floor-spacer, particularly fixed however often he's seeing cleanable looks moving speech 2 elite creators.

Keyonte George, Utah Jazz (8.1%): Eligible arsenic a shooting guard, George has go Utah's pb constituent defender aft Talen Horton-Tucker's early-season struggles astatine the helm of the offense. While he's a greenish rookie, George is empowered to pb the discourtesy and is 1 of the amended sources of dimes connected the ligament these days.

Cam Reddish, Los Angeles Lakers (7.1%): The Lakers are entrusting Reddish with a existent relation successful the rotation and he's responded with adjuvant scoring and bargain results. Will helium proceed to radiance successful this elevated role? Time volition tell, but the aboriginal outcomes person been positive.

De'Anthony Melton, Philadelphia 76ers (20.3%): While helium struggles to decorativeness successful the paint, Melton's deft shooting interaction from the extracurricular combined with beardown bargain and assistance rates results successful immoderate underrated phantasy worth for the two-way combo guard. The Sixers, meanwhile, don't person overmuch extent successful the backcourt, making Melton's relation rather secure.

Small Forward

Jalen Johnson, Atlanta Hawks (59.1%): Found successful the apical 10 of tiny forwards connected the Player Rater the past 2 weeks, Johnson's relentless bounce and glue feline crippled person translated good to phantasy production. Given his awesome accumulation and however good he's assumed the John Collins vertical scoring usage for the Hawks, Johnson should beryllium universally rostered.

Duncan Robinson, Miami Heat (20.6%): Expanding and diversifying his crippled this heavy into his pro vocation is truly chill to see; Robinson is flashing accrued playmaking and scoring interaction wrong the arc that was antecedently untapped anterior to Tyler Herro's injury. Rookie teammate Jaime Jaquez Jr. (6.7%) is besides flashing lately.

Bogdan Bogdanovic, Atlanta Hawks (37.7%): A 2nd Atlanta helping makes the cut, this clip for Bogdanvic's beardown shooting and bargain numbers. Notoriously streaky, he's been connected a heater the past week.

Power Forward

Miles Bridges, Charlotte Hornets (46.4%): Back from suspension, Bridges was instantly utilized arsenic an important violative contributor for the Hornets and should proceed to spot shots and touches successful this capacity.

Herbert Jones, New Orleans Pelicans (28.7%): Posting the benignant of chaotic antiaircraft rates erstwhile lone location to the likes of Andrei Kirilenko oregon Jonathan Isaace, Jones is averaging an absurd 3.7 stocks (steals positive blocks) successful a engaged stopper relation for the Pelicans.

Deni Avdija, Washington Wizards (30.5%): A versatile point-forward benignant averaging astir 4 assists connected the season, Avdija is an ascendant subordinate connected a atrocious team. That is really often a winning look for phantasy purposes.


Zach Collins, San Antonio Spurs (52.3%): After years and years of unfortunate wounded luck, Collins appears afloat acceptable to thrive successful a large relation for a young squad that values his atypically beardown passing acumen from the post.

Mitchell Robinson, New York Knicks (39.4%): Posting immoderate of the champion violative rebounding rates successful league history, Robinson is yet upping the artifact results to complement his statistical illustration past being purely a specialist.

Bismack Biyombo, Memphis Grizzlies (23.8%): Stepping successful arsenic the nonmigratory solid cleaner and rim protector for a squad that has been deed with a question of large frontcourt injuries, Biyombo is simply a producing roster-worthy numbers these days.

Special Teams

This conception focuses connected specialists; players who flash successful a singular class and tin supply circumstantial worth to those successful class and roto formats. Nominations are based connected which class specified players are adjuvant successful and volition rotate passim the season.

  • Steals: In summation to New Orleans' Jones and his larcenous ways, Reddish and Melton are among the leaders successful added worth via steals connected the Player Rater.

  • Blocks: Jones is besides elite successful swats, portion Orlando's Goga Bitadze (3.0%) and Washington's Daniel Gafford (49.6%) are much accepted large rim protectors.

  • Rebounds: New York's Robinson is an elite enactment connected the boards, portion Golden State's Kevon Looney (57.4%) is besides among the league leaders successful cleaning the glass. Those successful shallower leagues volition privation to wage attraction to Mark Wiliams (67.3%).

  • Assists: Mays is 14th wide successful added worth successful assists via the Player Rater. The Kings' Malik Monk (30.5%) is besides creating for others this season.

  • 3-pointers: Hardaway Jr. and Robinson are proven spacers to consider. The Pelicans recovered different gem successful Jordan Hawkins (7.0%), a subordinate who loves to sprout from deep.