Washington D.C. Attorney General Basically Tells Jim Jordan And James Comer To Go Pound Sand

2 weeks ago 18

The Washington D.C. Attorney General responded to Reps. James Comer and Jim Jordan’s petition for documents by offering the Republicans thing astir the probe into Leonard Leo.

Washington D.C. Attorney General Brian Schwalb wrote successful a letter:

I americium successful receipt of your October 30, 2023, missive seeking confirmation of, and documents relating to, a “reported effort to analyse Leonard Leo and definite nonprofit organizations with which helium is affiliated.” 1 Consistent with the policies of instrumentality enforcement agencies crossed the country, it is the argumentation of the D.C. Office of the Attorney General (OAG) not to confirm, deny, oregon different remark connected imaginable oregon pending investigations. That well-established argumentation preserves the integrity of the investigative function.

I admit and respect that our law strategy of authorities empowers Congress to behaviour oversight to assistance it successful carrying retired its legislative duties. I am, therefore, unfastened to further treatment astir whether your respective Committees’ requests person a morganatic legislative intent that OAG tin assistance execute without compromising the integrity of our work. To that end, I admit this accidental to explicate OAG’s argumentation regarding nationalist remark connected investigations, arsenic good arsenic our ineligible authorization connected the wide taxable substance outlined successful your letter.

The Attorney General spends the remaining pages of the missive laying retired his office’s ineligible authorization to analyse Leonard Leo.

The AG made it wide that Jordan and Comer are going to get nothing. The 2 House Republican chairs wanted documents related to the investigation, arsenic their volition was intelligibly to interfere and compromise the probe into a apical Republican moneyman who is astir good known for hooking up blimpish Supreme Court justices with billionaires that supply them with loans and gifts.

Jim Jordan has pulled this stunt earlier arsenic helium has tried to interfere successful the Manhattan, Georgia, and national prosecutions of Donald Trump.

House Republican maltreatment of powerfulness isn’t constricted to lone trying to support Trump.

Comer and Jordan are besides consenting to maltreatment their powerfulness to support radical similar Leonard Leo.