Week 6 preview: Stock watch, waiver wire streamers

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  • Sean Allen, Special to ESPN.comNov 20, 2023, 11:00 AM ET


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A spot of an antithetic phantasy week connected pat for the NHL, arsenic American Thanksgiving means Thursday, Nov. 23, is simply a time with nary NHL games, and Tuesday, Nov. 21, besides doesn't person immoderate games scheduled.

As such, we person a engaged Monday with 7 games and an highly engaged Wednesday with 14 games. Only the Toronto Maple Leafs, Ottawa Senators and Minnesota Wild -- each returning from their Swedish sojourn -- person the commencement of the week off. The Detroit Red Wings, who near Sweden a small earlier, are among the teams successful enactment connected Wednesday.

Given the situation, phantasy managers successful play head-to-head leagues mightiness request -- oregon adjacent conscionable privation -- and other goaltending commencement oregon 2 from the escaped cause pile. The all-off days marque this an improved anticipation arsenic it avoids back-to-back sets done the week. And, arsenic it happens, determination are a mates of goaltenders with coagulated schedules.

Philipp Grubauer, G, Seattle Kraken (91.46% available): While his grip hasn't been steadfast connected the starting gig each season, it's ne'er been arsenic steadfast arsenic it is astatine the moment. Grubauer is coming disconnected 2 victories, including 1 against the league's astir potent discourtesy this play (Vancouver). He whitethorn get some of the starts for the Kraken successful the aboriginal portion of this week if the squad privation to support his momentum up. Monday's opponent, the Calgary Flames, person allowed the third-most phantasy points to opposing goaltenders per crippled this season, portion Wednesday's day with the San Jose Sharks volition beryllium against the squad that allows the most.

Jacob Markstrom, G, Calgary Flames (49.43% available): The Flames instrumentality connected the Kraken connected Monday and the Nashville Predators connected Wednesday. The docket isn't arsenic beardown arsenic it is for Grubauer -- and lone 1 of them tin triumph connected Monday -- but helium is besides coming disconnected his champion agelong of goaltending of the play (also including a triumph against Vancouver).

Stuart Skinner, G, Edmonton Oilers (51.62% available): Though the antagonistic phantasy points came backmost connected Saturday against the Tampa Bay Lightning, Skinner's results person been improving successful tandem with the coaching alteration for the Oilers. More than anything, this agelong with the Florida Panthers connected Monday and Carolina Hurricanes connected Wednesday volition beryllium a bully trial to spot whether phantasy managers (and the Oilers, for that matter) tin spot Skinner to assistance with turning this play around. The Cats and Canes are pugnacious to triumph against, but they besides haven't been sinking goaltenders this season, ranking 13th and 15th for phantasy points by the absorption goalie (so, mediate of the pack).

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Stock up

Tomas Hertl, C, San Jose Sharks: The aforesaid informing that volition travel with each Sharks this season: Ignore this if your league uses plus/minus. That said, the squad has seemingly recovered astatine slightest a humble look to enactment successful immoderate games. And Hertl volition beryllium astatine the halfway of it. He's picked up 12.7 phantasy points successful his past 5 games aft collecting lone 6.2 successful the 5 anterior to that, which represents a idiosyncratic uptick successful production, too.

Matthew Knies, W, Toronto Maple Leafs: It's been six games since Knies was locked into the apical enactment with Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner. Remembering, of course, that he'll beryllium offered nary entree to them connected the powerfulness play, his 3 goals and 2 assists crossed six games isn't terrible. The extremity effect for phantasy has been 1.63 phantasy points per game, which is beneath the threshold we clasp astir players to for relevance (1.7) -- but lone just. Given the imaginable for Knies to get to fantasy-relevant territory with lone insignificant adjustments, helium should astir apt beryllium connected rosters present (available successful astir 60 percent of leagues).

Scott Perunovich, D, St. Louis Blues: The Blues are giving Perunovich much than a just shingle connected the vantage of late, arsenic helium lone somewhat trails Torey Krug successful full power-play clip successful the past six games. The results aren't determination yet, but Perunovich has upside if the power-play clip remains consistent.

Anton Lundell, C/W, Florida Panthers: With Barkov projected to miss a crippled oregon two, Lundell volition capable successful among the apical six -- perchance earning immoderate power-play time, too.

Devon Toews, D, Colorado Avalanche: A dilatory commencement hopefully down him, Toews has travel connected beardown successful the past 5 games, earning 2.72 phantasy points per crippled (FPPG) crossed that stretch. That's stark compared to the 1.13 FPPG from the archetypal 10 games of the season. In fact, Toews has notched much full phantasy points crossed the past 5 (13.6) than crossed the archetypal 10 games (11.3).

Stock down

Michael Bunting, W, Carolina Hurricanes: Having not played much than 13:25 seconds successful his past 7 games, it's each but confirmed that Bunting is the unusual 1 retired for the Hurricanes scoring lines. When everyone is healthy, they conscionable person 1 excessively galore bodies for 2 lines. It's OK to ditch Bunting -- astatine slightest until the Hurricanes person to woody with an wounded to their apical six.

Oliver Ekman-Larsson, D, Florida Panthers: The thrust has been amusive to commencement the season, but it's improbable OEL tin support his fantasy-relevant gait with some Brandon Montour and Aaron Ekblad backmost successful the Panthers lineup again.

Cole Caufield, W, Montreal Canadiens: Have a small patience, but possibly a little benching could beryllium successful bid for Caufield connected your phantasy team. The atrocious quality is that 1 of his past 42 shots person gone into the net. The bully quality is that helium is backmost connected a enactment with Nick Suzuki again.

Streamer specials

MacKenzie Weegar, D, Calgary Flames (27.76% available): The Flames opponents to commencement the week (Kraken and Predators) are some among the apical 5 successful allowing phantasy points to opposing defence. It's arsenic bully a clip arsenic immoderate to deploy Weegar, who is having a bounceback campaign.

Connor Zary, C, Calgary Flames (96.67% available): The bully times support rolling for Zary, who is connected the helping of Nazem Kadri astatine adjacent spot and connected the apical power-play portion for the Flames. Two much assists connected Saturday evened him up to 8 points successful 8 games this season.

Eeli Tolvanen, W, Seattle Kraken (26.2% available): The matchup with the Flames connected Monday is fine, but what we are truly targetting present is the anticipation that the Kraken feast connected the Sharks connected Wednesday. Tolvanen is rapidly becoming 1 of Seattle's amended violative weapons alongside linemate Oliver Bjorkstrand.