Why the GOP isn’t scared of the Dobbs effect anymore

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Voters changeable down anti-abortion measures successful reddish states similar Kansas, Kentucky, Ohio, and Montana.

And successful the 2022 midterms the Dobbs determination intelligibly contributed to the party’s lackluster results.

Now connected the statesmanlike superior run trail, Republicans person been successful disarray:

Early successful his campaign, Sen. Tim Scott couldn’t fig retired what helium believed connected the issue; Donald Trump has belittled Ron DeSantis’s six-week prohibition successful Florida; and past there’s the wide dodginess of Nikki Haley, who claims to beryllium “unapologetically pro-life” but besides thinks the close termination argumentation is to “find consensus.”

The chaos has been dispiriting to the anti-abortion activists who helped technologist the Dobbs determination successful the archetypal place. And present they deliberation they person a caller governmental strategy to get Republicans retired of their antiaircraft crouch and to commencement winning again connected this issue.

The pistillate starring this effort is Marjorie Dannenfelser, the caput of Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America, 1 of the astir important institutions successful the GOP firmament.

She’s known arsenic the pistillate who killed Roe.

Dannenfelser and her colleagues are plotting, financing, and staffing the Republican Party’s counterattack connected abortion. Playbook co-author and Deep Dive big Ryan Lizza sat down with her astatine SBA’s Virginia office this week, partially due to the fact that she had immoderate quality she wanted to stock astir however and wherever anti-abortion activists are making their archetypal large move.