You Know Things Are Going Well For Biden When Republicans Complain About His Tone And Mood Music

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The champion that Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) could bash aft Biden met with President Xi of China was kick astir President Biden’s code and temper music.


Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) criticizes Biden's 'demeanor and attitude' portion gathering with Xi, "I interest precise overmuch astir the temper euphony that Joe Biden was trying to acceptable astatine this summit."

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) November 19, 2023

Cotton said connected Fox News’s Sunday Morning Futures:

I’m besides disquieted astir conscionable the wide demeanor and cognition that Joe Biden had astatine that summit. It’s 1 happening to conscionable with our Communist adversaries. That’s what we expect our leaders to do. I bash that connected juncture connected trips astir the world. It’s different happening for Joe Biden to accidental that it was an grant and a pleasance to invited a communist dictator similar Xi Jinping to America. That’s not the benignant of happening Ronald Reagan would person said erstwhile helium brought Mikhail Gorbachev disconnected to the White House.

I besides noted that you had John Kerry determination whose monomaniacal obsession is immoderate fleeting clime change, woody with China. But you didn’t person representatives of the Department of Defense oregon our quality agencies astatine a precocious level. So I interest precise overmuch astir the temper euphony that Joe Biden was trying to acceptable astatine this acme and the signals that it volition nonstop the Xi Jinping arsenic helium takes the measurement of a man, helium whitethorn person to look disconnected against.

When the lone happening that Republicans tin deliberation of to kick astir is Biden’s demeanor, things indispensable person gone beauteous well. Cotton had to find thing incorrect with Biden’s gathering with Xi, truthful helium threw it backmost to the story of Ronald Reagan.
Let’s instrumentality a look astatine what Ronald Reagan said aft helium visited China successful 1984:

I told the Chinese leaders, arsenic I told the students astatine Shanghai University yesterday, that we indispensable proceed to admit our differences, for a relationship based connected fabrication volition not agelong withstand the rigors of the world. But we agreed that determination is overmuch to beryllium gained from communal respect. And there’s overmuch to beryllium gained connected some sides from expanded opportunities successful commercialized and commerce and taste relations.

I was heartened by immoderate of the things that we saw. The Chinese person begun opening up their economy, allowing much farmers and workers to support and merchantability connected their ain immoderate of the fruits of their labor. The archetypal injection of escaped marketplace tone has already enlivened the Chinese economy. I judge it has besides made a publication to quality happiness successful China and opened the mode to a much conscionable society.

By Tom Cotton’s definition, Ronald Reagan had a demeanor occupation connected China.

Reagan ne'er called the Chinese Communist authorities a dictatorship, but Biden.

President Biden was tougher connected China than Reagan, and Republicans are struggling to find a criticism.

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